SURESH PASUPULETI - Senior Java, J2EE candidate with Financial experience.
Completing project with Citigroup on September 30th.


Availability- October 1st, 2008

Current Location - NJ





.         10 years of IT Experience in Software Analysis, Design,
Development, Maintenance and Implementation of business critical
applications using Java/J2EE technologies in Financial Domains like Global
Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, B2B and Global Consumer.

.         Involved extensively in application development using Struts,
Hibernate, IBM MQ Series, JMS, JCA, JAAS, Content Management System  and MVC
J2EE architecture framework with Secure coding and best code practices.

.         Thorough understanding of OOAD Principles, Design Patterns and
various frameworks based development.

.         Experience in Working with Various IDEs including Net Beans6.1,

.         Extensively used Inter Woven Team Site as Content Management

.         Proficiency in working with version control systems like Merant
PVCS, CVS and Rational Clear Case.

.         Familiar with SOA, Spring framework.

.         Experience in XML (SAX, DOM),JAXB,JMS  HTML, and JavaScript.

.         Involved in UML developing Sequence Diagrams and Class diagrams.

.         Worked on all kinds of project i.e. new project, Maintenance
Project and a Migration project with on Shore / off Shore model of

.         Good Experience in translating business and functional
requirements into detailed technical design from system architecture down to
code-level design like Functional Specification Plan (FSPs), Design
Specification Plan (DSPs), and Unit Test Plan (UTPs).

.         Exceptional understanding of security issues related with
client-side and server-side product development including knowledge and
experience in Credit Card processing, SSL, J2SE HTTP, HTTPS.

.         Extensive experience in projects handling Multi lingual projects.

.         Extensive experience in interfacing with legacy systems like
Mainframes using MQ-Series, Cics Transaction Gateway.

.         Self-motivated, responsible and proper time management with good
Written, Verbal and Listening skill, commitment to co-operative teamwork.
Ability to quick master new concepts and applications.



Java Technologies                                       Core Java,
Collections, I/O Streams, Java Beans and JDBC

Frameworks                                                 Struts, Hibernate

Web Technologies                                       AJAX, JavaScript,
CSS, HTML, DHTML, JSP and Servlets

Distributed Technologies                              EJB, RMI, Web Services

Web/Application Servers                              Sun One, iPlanet,
Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache, 
WebSphere 6.1,5.1,Bea Weblogic 8.1, JRun, Twister, Tomcat.

XML Technologies                                       XML, DOM, SAX, DTD,

Databases                                                  Oracle, SQL
Server, MYSQL and MS Access

Operating Systems                                      IBM AIX, IBM P-Series
, Sun Solaris.

Version Controls                                          CVS, PVCS,IBM
Rational Clear Case

Design Patterns                                           MVC,
SessionFecade, Front Controller, Command Pattern, Composit View, Singleton,
Data Access Objects, Value Objects, Service Locator.

IDEs                                                           Net Beans
6.1,IBM RAD, My Eclipse, IBM WSAD, Jdeveloper. 

Tools                                                          Test
Director, Virtual Ticketing System,Info Man for Change 

Management, Microsoft Visio,JProbe.

Content Management Tools                          Interwoven TeamSite

Others                                                         Client Side
Encryption modules such as Initech, Xecure.

Software Methodologies                              UML, RUP,J2EE Design




Let me know if you would like to consider him.



Navneet Sharma
732-283-2647 x 17
510-484-7517 (Cell)
732-283-2657 (Fax)



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