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*Hi: Please send the matching resumes, rate and contact number for the below

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*SQL DBA (Need 8+ Yrs)*

*Wilmington** DE***

*6 Months***

Overall,  This group is supporting 600 SQL Server Databases and 150 Sybase
Databases (they also have many Oracle Databases).  They have also just found
32 TB of data that needs to be supported.

The majority of their HW is at end of life,  therefore,  they are migrating
most of the DB's.


Ideally this candidate will be a strong SQL Server DBA with Sybase DBA
knowledge OR a Sybase DBA with SQL Server knowledge.  Why wither of them?
Because currently they have 6 SQL Server DBA's and one Sybase DBA.  The SQL
Server people are being cross trained on Sybase so if the SYBASE person is
away,  they have support.   They have the majority of their servers
currently are SQL Server,  hence the focus,  but they would easily take a
strong Sybase DBA.

Most important skills:

   1. Communication
   2. Team Player
   3. 5 years as a DBA (need 2 years min as a production support DBA)

4.   Local – wants someone who will be there for the long term (would even
consider full time)


   1. Production focused DBA.  Hosting systems off of end of life hardware.
   Move from the old Hardware to the new hardware.
   2. Clean up the databases (old HW) and make sure they meet the FDC
   3. someone who can understand the standards and get the DB to the
   4. Document the DB.  (So when you change the standards,  need to mark
   exceptions but still make it a secure environment.)
   5. Trouble shoot production (ie; users cant connect,  the database is
   running slow, keep eye on space,  monitor users).
   6. Replication and log shipping will be used as well.  Not much,  but

They have troubles with some old boxes.  They are end of life on most HW…
  They are migrating to new servers.  For SQL Server,  they are migrating
from 2005 to 2008.

They will be required to be onsite 9-5 m-f.  No work form home.  Parking
provided and dress is casual.

Will be a part of on call rotation.  There are 6 people on call,  and the
average number of calls per week is one.


SQL Server and Sybase Database Administrator. Designs, installs, maintains
and upgrades the enterprise's production databases. Provides technical
expertise in the use of database technology. Accountable for the overall
performance of the enterprise's database environment. Works closely with
clients, business analysts, systems programmers, and application developers
to define and resolve information flow and content issues---helping to
transform business requirements into environment specific databases.
Monitors and analyzes performance metrics and allocates database resources
to achieve optimum database performance. Performs additional job duties as
required. Solid knowledge of database administration, database monitoring
and tuning, logical data modeling, and physical database development.
Understands the principles, theories, practices and techniques of project
management. Basic understanding of how the technology influences business
strategic direction, enabling definition and integration of technical plans
supporting the enterprise business functions and processes. Works on one or
more projects as a project team member.
Supports one or more databases of low to medium complexity (complexity
defined by database size, technology used, and system feeds and interfaces)
with multiple concurrent users, ensuring control, integrity and
accessibility of the data.



*Naresh Chowdary*



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