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Over 8 years of hands on experience in SAP which includes 7 years of
experience in SAP BW project design, implementation and support, as well as
fine-tuning existing business warehouse models .

   - Completed full-life cycle implementation of SAP BW which includes
   Data-Modeling (Star-Schema), Data Extraction, Data Loading (Full / Delta
   Up-Load), including Business Explorer Query Design and also in Blue printing
   - Certified in SAP NetWeaver´04 - Business Intelligence ( SAP BW 3.5 ).
   - Extensive experience in Standard and Custom Info Cubes, Info Objects
   and Info Sources, Web reporting, Extraction, Transfer Structures,
   Operational Data Store (ODS), and Business Explorer (BEx).
   - Expertise in architecting SAP backend solutions like SAP's ETL process
   and  in developing customized SAPBW models that suits customer
   - Expertise in BI Components like Info Objects,Info Sources, DTP,
   Transformations, Data source, Info Cubes , Info Packages, Extractors -
   CO-PA, Generic & LO Cockpit for SD, MM & FI-G/L, FI-SL, FI-PCA, FIAA, PP,
   LO, IM( Inventory Management).
   - Experience in building ODS Objects, Aggregates, Multi Cube, InfoCubes,
   Process Chains, Update Rules Transfer rules,  Data Loading from various
   Source Systems like R/3 Clients, Non-R/3 Systems and  flatfiles.
   - Experience in BI NetWeaver2004s includes Data-Modeling, Data
   Acquisition, Designed & Customized Info-cubes, Data Store Objects,
   Multi-Providers, Transformation, DTP (Data transfer Process), Open Hub
   Destination (OHD).
   - Expertise in Business content services consisting of business rules,
   metadata, data extraction, operational data store and other data objects.
   - Expertise in Data source Enhancement and writing code to fill it ,
   Generic Extractors, Data Loading (Full / Delta Up-Load), Scheduling,
   Monitoring, Process Chains, Data Marts and Open Hub Destination, remodeling
   and repartitioning.
   - Expertise in extracting data from non-sap system like oracle, DB2
etc  into
   BW system using DB connect, UD Connect and File interface.
   - Performance tuning - Evaluated statistical performance and suggested
   recommendations to basis support for optimization. Improved dataload and
   query performance by doing compression, aggregates, and partitioning.

   - Expertise in Front-End Business Warehouse Components like Query
   Development, Reporting agent, Calculated and Restricted key figures,
   Structures, Variables, BEx Analyzer, Web Templates, WAD, Web Reports and
   Information broadcasting.
   - Experienced in designing BPS Planning Structures including Planning
   Levels, Planning Packages and Planning Layouts.
   - Expertise in designed  Business Objects ( BO ) Universes for reporting.

   - Automated document Scheduling, Publishing and Distribution for Web I
   and Infoview clients, using the Broadcast Agent Server.
   - Generated different kinds of reports based on the requirements, pulling
   the data from different sources.
   - Designed the Universe by Objects data model selecting/joining tables,
   Identifying cardinalities, creating aliases to resolve the loops,
   subdividing into contexts and creating the objects, which are grouped into
   classes for convenience.
   - Knowledge on Technical and Functional Upgradition of BW system to BI
   7.0 by executing necessary Suport packs and applying OSS notes.
   - Executed different test loads to estimate the performance gain between
   BI7.0 and BW3.5 systems.
   - Implementations done using ASAP methodologies and understanding SAP
   Best practice.
   - Involved in  Support Projects of BW which includes Monitoring, solving
   problem while loading data and supporting KeyUsers in report problems as per
   the SLA.

Sankar Naidu
Technology Consultants Inc
Tel:510 943 5957
Fax:510 794 8881
URL: www.techcons.net

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