If you need is resume please email me on durg...@urooj.net

Name: Marcelo

Locaiton: VA

Relocation : Open

Over 6+ years of IT experience, 4+ years in applications development, and 4+
years as Ab Initio ETL developer in the banking, financial, and
transportation industries. Work effectively as a team member as well as
individually. Strong analytical and logical skills, self-motivated,
self-started with excellent verbal and written communications. Great
interpersonal skills and possess the ability and willingness to mentor other


* *

·          Extensively worked on the UNIX environment (SCO UNIX, Sun
Solaris, Linux) by using UNIX commands and utilities and writing shell
scripts using the Korn Shell.

·          Developed various UNIX shell wrappers to run Ab Initio graph

·          Used the vi editor to edit and create shell scripts using the
Korn Shell.

·          Used UNIX commands to copy, delete, and create files and
directories and utilities such as top, crontab.

·          Scheduled the execution of wrapper scripts through the UNIX cron

·          Experience with major RDBMS such as Informix, Oracle, DB2, and
Teradata by using the SQL language and client tools.

·          Wrote complex SQL queries to analyze and validate source and
target data.

·          Used SQL *Plus and Oracle SQL Developer client software to
interface with the Oracle database.

·          Used Oracle *Loader to perform direct path to load large quantity
of data into database tables.

·          Used the data dictionary to inquire about database objects found
in different schemas.

·          Experience in using various Ab Initio components such as
Partition by Key and Sort, Join, Rollup,  Round-robin, Gather, Merge,
Interleave, Dedup Sorted, Scan, Leading Records, Reformat, Replicate, Gather
Logs, Trash, etc.

·          Experience in designing, developing and testing ETL applications
with Ab-Initio software.

·          Created .xfr files for various transformations and .dml files for
specifying the record format.

·          Used various Ab Initio parallel processing techniques and
implemented Ab Initio graphs using Data Parallelism and Component

·          Configured Ab Initio environment to load/unload data records from
and to different databases, Oracle/Terada, using the Input Table, Output
Table, Update table components.

·          Divided graphs into phases to increase performance and added
checkpoints for recovery purposes in case of failure.

·          Participated in walkthrough reviews of Ab Initio graphs with the
client's programmer analysts.

·          Created Test Plans, Test Cases for Ab-Initio graphs.

·          Performed UT, AT, System Testing, and provided Launch Support.

·          Checked in and out graphs, wrapper scripts to/from the EME
repository from/to my private sandbox.

·          Designed ETL processes and created low-level design documents.

·          Applied coding standards to graphs development and followed Ab
Initio standards from clients.

·          Maintained stakeholders of the project updated through e-mails
and Project Status Reports updated weekly.
Participated in Project Status Report meetings scheduled every week

Urooj Corporation

Urooj Coporation

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