Hi Partner,


New York City

1 month plus

Must be local and available to start ASAP


Dedicated development team has an appliction 70% finished for client.  


Major bugs, within 2 user flow pieces..  have come up and need an architect to 
come in and assess and fix code. 


Actual tool or application created to help doctors and patients communicate 
better.  Hired a researcher out of John Hopkins to help with design.. The 
application is a questionaire that helps evaluate skills which doctors and 
patients need more... involves video and list of skills.


Go live date is June 12 but wil have usability testing and adjustments made 
after live date.


Most Important: 

- At least 8 yrs experience developing Java applications.

- Tomcat application server

- Struts/Hibernate

- App has MySql backend

- willing to work 60-70 hours in the next couple weeks.. intense deadline and 


- must be hard worker

Please let me know if you are currently available.


Sam Dutt

301 933 9711.

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