Please let me know if you can assist with a new position I'm looking to
fill.  Please send your TOP 1 candidate for this urgent requirement ASAP, to
get your candidate in consideration for the first round of interviews.

The hiring Manager does NOT want folks that are not local to CA. Please note
ALL candidates MUST be available for an onsite interview with 24-48hr

Full Description: 


" Minimum 5 years of professional hands on web experience with a
demonstrated sense of composition and page layout 

" Good knowledge of (X)HTML and JavaScript 

" AJAX, XSL, CSS and DHTML proficiency 

" Knowledge of DOM and DOM functions 

" An understanding of electronic image formats 

" Highly motivated, detail oriented and extremely organized with proven
ability to establish priorities and execute to achieve results 

" Ability to work under tight deadlines, independently and proactively,
quickly and efficiently respond to change 

" Strong verbal and written communication skills 

" Please be prepared to offer code examples " Functional design and
development of RIA (internet rich applications), perform unit testing,
enhance application performance, and provide troubleshooting support using
AJAX, XSL, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and XHTML for all major browsers. 

" Manage versioning of web assets such as graphics, XSL / HTML templates,
JS, and style sheets in the repository; knowledge of CVS source control
system expected 

" Ensure that the code meets the required development standards and is
optimized for faster download 


Sam Dutt 

301 933 9711.



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