Kindly let me know if you have any open position for C++ Developer. Send me
an email s...@prijbs.com OR 314.667.4227

*Professional Summary:*

* *

·      *Technical Lead/Senior Consultant *with about *11+ years* of IT
experience in systems* design/development*, *enhancement, maintenance,
support, re-engineering, debugging and engineering* of *mission critical
complex applications*

·      Executed projects using *Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) ‘V’
model with preventive quality standards like Defect Prevention*, *Reviews
with checklists* etc.

·      Worked with *Verizon, Citigroup, Credit-Suisse, Mauritius Post and
Cooperative Bank, United Bank for Africa, SBI, Axis Banks and Hitachi *
clients*. *Served for* Infosys Technologies *and* Larsen & Toubro

       ·       Worked in implementation project* of Banks to study the
existing systems *and migrating to Infosys Banking product *Finacle Treasury
* after doing *gap analysis* and *customization* using *user exists/scripts
and DB table modifications*

·      Worked in *Financial *sector*s *with good exposure in treasury
activities of Banks like *Securities, Money-Market (CD, T-Bills),
Derivatives (Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate agreement), FOREX trading
and Mortagage-backed securities like RMBS and CMBS. *Also worked
in*Telecom, Networking

·      Has the ability to *perform tasks under pressure* and executed
projects within the estimated timeline.

·      Excellent communication, *inter-personal, leadership skills*
and *customer-focused
performer* with *commitment of quality* *in every task*.

·      Project management tools used for estimation, planning, execution and
monitoring are *FP-Estimation, Microsoft Project Plan, Requirement Tracking
Tool (RTT), Defect Prevention Log, Status Report MOM, Action Log, Project
Matrix report generation in-house tools*

·      Excellent knowledge in *C++, C, Unix Shell Scripting, Perl, IBM
MQSeries, Orbix, Java, Multi-threading, Inter Process Communications (Socket
programming, share memory), PL/SQL, Oracle, Sybase databases *in the *UNIX*and
*Windows* environment.

·      Possesses an in-depth knowledge of *UNIX *with work experience in all
flavors *Sun Solaris, HP-UX, True64, Linux and IBM AIX. *Also worked in all
flavors of* Windows.*

* *

* *
***Technical Skills:*

*Project Management Tools:*      *Microsoft Project Plan, FP-Estimation and
Project Matrix report generation in-house tools. ***

*Languages:*                                   *C, C++, C#, UNIX Shell
Scripting, PL/SQL, Java, Perl, VC++,* *HTML*, *JavaScript*, *XML*

*RDBMS:*                                        *Sybase ASE 12.5, Oracle

*Protocols:*                                     *TCP/IP (UNIX sockets,
semaphores, critical-section(windows)), HTTP*

*Systems/Environments:*              *Real-time, Multi-threaded, Citibank
Cross Environment (XENV)*

*UNIX Internals:*                           *IPC (semaphores, shared
memory), POSIX API, Threads (pthreads)*

*Middle-ware:*                               *COM, Corba-Orbix.*

*Libraries:*                                      *DB Library, Rogue Wave,
STL, Stingray, RW LIEF*

*Tools:*                                             *nmake, dbx, C++
compiler (CC, gCC, xlC), JCL script, Rational Purifier, TOAD.*

*Third party S/W:                          **Autosys, COG*

*Operating Systems:*                     *Solaris*, *IBM* *AIX, HP-UX
(Itanium, PA-RISC), True64, Linux, Windows all flavors*

*Source control repositories:*     *CVS, SCCS, Clear-Case, Visual Source
Safe (VSS)*


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