do send me your consultant to

, Portland, OR----> 6 mos

Portland, OR currently has 2 SR. SQL Developer positions open and we could
use your help.  Candidates must be able to relocate on their own and get out
here for a face to face interview. We are currently seeking 2
experienced SQL Developers for a 4-6 month contract position.


   - Strong hands on knowledge of *MS SQL Server 2000/2005*, architecture
   and troubleshooting capabilities
   - Logical & physical Design of the Database, Creation of tables, views,
   procedures, packages, triggers and other database objects
   - Backup and Recovery procedures
   - Performance tuning and *SQL tuning*
   - Data Migration from old version to new version between same type
   - Data Migration between different types of databases
   - Strong understanding of data warehouse environments, migration of data
   and data transformations.
   - Hands on *MS SQL Server Developer/DTS experience*
   - Experience with XML data types
   - Experience with SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)
   - Experience with SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) using XML flat
   files into a relational database
   - Writing and debug complex queries
   - Database Consistency checks for checking the indexes and allocating
   - Supporting multiple 24x7 production/non-production databases
   - Generating scripts of database objects
   - Experience working with Onshore/Off-shore environment is desirable
   - Oracle database and/or applications integration experience as a plus

Please note these candidates must have exceptional communication skills as
our client initially does phone interviews and will not move forward if
communication is not superb!

Looking forward to work with you!

Thanks & Regards..

Gary Reddy


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