Greetings…! From Prodigy Software Group Inc

I’m looking for strong consultant for the given requirement. If you have any
strong consultant, send me the update word copy of his resume with the
contact details:

*Send resumes to **sruj...@prodigysoftwaregroup.com***


Title: *Senior Microstrategy Developers*

Location: Miami, FL.

Duration: 6 Months

Req. Skills:

·        Need strong senior guys with at least 5 years of experience.

·        Create MIcroStrategy Dashboards the database/datamart to store the
information needed for the dashboards

·        Enhanced security model to handle 5 randomly asked questions /

*Thanks & Regards, **J***

* *



*Prodigy Software Group Inc*

*Tel No.: 412 436 1777*

*Fax No.: 412 937 9047*

*sruj...@prodigysoftwaregroup.com* <sruj...@prodigysoftwaregroup.com>**



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