Please send me profiles on vishal.j...@nlbservices.com

More about the project details are given below:

 *Location* – Sunnyvale, CA

 *Experience Level* – 6+ Years (with minimum 3.5 years in Development
background in unix scripting/perl, java, puppet)

*Job Description:*

·         3-5 years of relevant experience as a Support Engineer.

·         Development background in unix scripting/perl, java, puppet, OS
knowledge (especially linux), memcached, troubleshooting production issues
and most of all the willingness/enthusiasm to learn new things on the job.

Look forward to working with you, Thanks.


*Vishal Jain*
*Next Level Business Services, Inc.*
Phone: (904) 371 9374 | Fax: +1 (608)646-8326
E-mail: vishal.j...@nlbservices.com | Web:www.nlbservices.com
*Certified Minority Business Enterprise (CMBE) & an Oracle Recognized

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