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I have this immediate requirement* C++ Developer*

 Role         :  C++ Developer
 Location   : Indianapolis,IN
Tax Term  :  C2C
 Rate         :   Open
 Length      :  6 Months
 Skills        :  C++ TCP/IP Boost Libraries Agile


We need a senior C++ Developer Resource with in depth expertise working in
complex multi-threaded environments.

* Exceptional problem solving skills in complex multi-threaded environments
* Solid understanding of software development, including:
o Fluency in programming languages and software development processes.
o Knowledge of common design patterns.
o Ability to apply platform-specific guidelines and best practices.
o Familiarity of related disciplines such as accessibility and
* Working knowledge and experience with Windows operating system and network
configuration and TCP/IP (crucial)
* Experience with C++ Standard Template Library is preferred
* Experience with boost libraries is preferred
* Experience with .NET is preferred but not required
* Experience with Agile development methodologies is preferred by not
* Experience in a variety of programming strategies, including procedural,
object-oriented, and functional programming.
* An eye for good design*usability, simplicity, layout, etc.
* B.A. or B.S. in Computer Science or similar degree or equivalent work
* 5 to 8 years experience with multi-threaded programming in C++

If you are interested, please respond back with your WORD format resume and
fill the below details:
C++:________ Years of Experience
TCP / IP: ________ Years of Experience
Filter Drivers: ________ Years of Experience

With Regrads,


Resource Head

Fusion IT   Inc



IM : gonanagesh2k6

Gtalk : gonanag

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