Hope you are doing Great!!

I am a Head hunter recruiter looking candidate for my direct client  for
below mentioned position.

*Suse Linux Engineer Woonsocket, RI 12 Months*

•             Linux Systems Administrator / Engineer

o             Administration of SUSE Linux systems

o             SUSE SLES 11 - SysV/init boot configuration

o             SUSE SLES 12 - systemd boot management

o             Software installation & configuration

o             Installing System updates vi YaST/Zypper

o             Experience with Ubuntu Desktop, RHEL, CENTOS, or other Linux
is a plus but not needed.

*•             Linux OS management*

o             sudo

o             cron

o             syslog/rsyslog

o             using RPM to install packages

o             using zypper to install packages

o             setting file permissions

o             using  ACLs/ACEs to manage file/directory access

o             differentiate between hard links vs soft links

o             Linux boot process

o             understanding the boot process; what files, directories are
used and how

o             troubleshooting boot issues

o             boot alternate operating systems

o             boot alternate disks

o             MBR partitioning

o             GRUB

o             GPT partitioning


*•             Virtualization*

o             Ability to build and maintain VMs builds using KVM / QEMU

o             Familiar with the creation of virtual machines & OS
installation on VMguests

o             Familiar with allocating resources to virtual machines

o             Familiar with templates and cloning

o             Familiar with the configuration of datastores

o             Familiar with Network Bonding

o             Familiar with Pass-through devices

o             VMware installation, configuration (this is a nice to have,
possible future project 2016-Q4)

o             -Vsphere

o             -Vswitches

o             -Installation and configuration of ESXi

*•             LVM  - Logical volume manager *

o             add/expand/configure disks with LVM

o             disk partitioning with FDISK

o             disk partitioning with PARTED

•             Scripting

o             Extensive knowledge of BASH required

o             Prior experience writing bash scripts with 1000’s lines of

o             BASH functions, loops, command line arguments

o             Usage of AWK, SED, PERL, pipes

o             Good knowledge of regular expressions

o             Script debugging

*•             Networking *

o             Configuring network interfaces

o             system files which affect network configuration

o             Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

             ping

             traceroute

             TCP vs UDP

             tcpdump

             netstat

             sockets

             routing

             firewalls / iptables

o             Understanding of Network Address Translation (NAT/PAT
firewall configuration.)

o             Understanding Network Masks and CIDR Notation

*•             DNS *

o             Configuring & managing DNS/BIND

o             Conditional forwarding

o             Master/Slave configurations

*•             DHCP *

o             Installing, configuring DHCP on Linux

o             dynamic dhcp pools

*•             SQUID proxy *

o             installation & configuration

o             caching only proxy server

*•             mySQL/MariaDB*

o             installation & configuration of a db

o             backup & restore

o             simple SQL queries

*•             Apache *

o             installation & configuration

o             integration with tomcat

o             SSL certificates

o             configuring virtual hosts

o             security considerations

o             generating key files, CSRs, self signed certificates

*•             Tomcat *

o             installation & configuration

o             SSL certificates

*•             NTP*

o             configuration

o             validation

o             peers

o             servers

o             synchronization

*•             SSH*

o             configuration:

             which files are used by ssh,

             what is the purpose of these

o             private / public key generation & management

*•             NFS*

o             sharing files/directories to specific clients

o             security condisderations

o             NFSv3 vs NFSv4

*•             CUPS *

o             configuration

o             managing printer queues

o             remote printing

o             troubleshooting printer subsystems.

*•             Troubleshooting *

o             disk failure

o             filesystem failure

o             network failure

*•             Hardware*

o             IBM Blade Center S

             HS12

             HS23

             AMM

             SCM

             Raid configuration

*o             HP ProLiant DL360 server*

             ILO management

             Raid configuration

Some “nice to haves” but not the first thing we are looking for - above
competencies are pre-requisite

•             Has implemented/managed/used any of:

o             Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or similar tools for automating system
administration task

o             Zabbix, Nagios or similar monitoring tool

o             Subversion or GIThub version control systems

o             sonarQube, Phabricator, Nexus server, Jenkins server, or
similar tool

•             Experienced working in an environment with hundreds to
thousands of  Linux systems

•             Has personally invested in Linux at home

o             Runs Linux on home/personal desktop/laptops

o             Runs a Linux server at home

             Media server: video | music sharing

             Home control systems

             File server

             Web server

             Backup server for home desktops

Thanks & Regards

*Sachin Sharma*
( Team  Lead )

Phone : 609-853-0818 X 2144
Fax : 609 799 5746
Email: sachin.sha...@nityo.com <tushan...@nityo.com>

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