I have an urgent requirement with one of my clients, details given below.

If you find yourself suitable for the position, please send me your latest 
updated resume along with contact details.

*Role               : Scala Developer  *

*Location      : Miami, FL*

*Duration      : 6+ months*

*Experience : 7+ Years*

*Rate               : DOE*

*Interview    : Phone and Skype*

*Visa                : H1B’s GC, US-CITIZEN’s, GC-EAD’s.*

*Job Description**:*

*Required Skills:*


         1)   Ideally we want “unpolluted” developers with a Functional 
Programming background (Haskell, Erlang, Scala, and Clojure maybe other 

                   like Smalltalk or ADA)… 

a.      Anyone with any kind of functional language background goes right 
to top of the list. Haskel, Clojure, LISP, Erlang…

b.      Anyone with a strong mathematical engineering and C.S. background 
(e.g.: aeronautics, EE, etc.) – we’re looking for the combination of lambda 
calculus with computer science engineering skills.

c.       A distant third place: If they don’t have the above, then: Must be 
a skilled Java / J2EE engineer. At least 5 years’ experience *but must have 
multiple language to avoid Java stereotyping and assumptions. Without some 
functional experience, goes to bottom of the pile.*

2)      *Must know more than one language.* This helps to indicate appetite 
for emerging technology (versus a focus on where the current market demand 
is – we want thought leaders, researchers, tinkerers).

3)      Strong understanding of Agile, BDD, and TDD processes. History of 
delivering good behavior driven coding. Knows some tools in this space.

4)      Previous experience with Play framework and Akka a big plus (even 
if it’s Java Play… probably got a peek at Scala…)





*Sai Kumar*

*Direct No: 248-430-5485*

*s...@pegasyssoft.com <s...@pegasyssoft.com>  | kumar.pega...@gmail.com 

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