Please let me know if you can get me a perfect suitable consultant for the 
below requirement!!!



Position: Electronic Medical Records System(s) Trainers

Location: Albany, NY

Duration: 12 Months

Rate: $Best Rate


Please note that this position will travel approxmmently 100 days a year out of 
250 work days per year.


Mandatory Requirements:

1.      Demonstrated proficiency in hands-on end-user training in the use of 
electronic medical record computer applications.
2.      Demonstrated experience in remote training using a technology tool
3.      Demonstrated proficiency  in user manual development and end user 
4.      Demonstrated proficiency in presenting training material to a diverse 
5.      Demonstrated proficiency in planning, scheduling and managing training 
6.      Experience with SQL and/or PL/SQL
7.      Demonstrate proficient use of HP OpenView Service Center & HP Quality 
Center computer applications
8.      Demonstrate proficient documentation skills for application development 
requirements and defect resolution.  
9.      Demonstrate proficient use of test plans for primary and regression 
testing of applications.
10.     Demonstrate ability to verbally communicate effectively in English
11.     Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in written English
12.     Candidate is a 4 year college/university graduate (any major)
13.     Submitted an acceptable sample of training/user oriented written 
material authored by the candidate.


Desirable Experience:

1.      Experience with training within a hospital environment
2.      Experience with State or local government and/or mental health programs
3.      Experience with mental health data systems
4.      Experience with ‘GoToMeeting’ remote training software



Job Description:


A.      Overview


Our client  is seeking (2) trainers to provide comprehensive training of the 
Electronic Medical Record System(s) computer application(s) for state 
psychiatric centers located throughout New York State. Under the direction of 
the Project Manager, these positions will be responsible for conducting 
training sessions and developing learning tools such as video, distance 
learning, and web-related learning modules to support the all patient related 
application development and implementation plan. Work for this project will be 
based in Albany, NY and will require travel to a variety of training sites 
located throughout New York State.


B.      Assignments


                  Under direction of the Project Manager, the consultants’ 
responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

a)     Understand, and be able to explain, all functionality for an EMR 
application(s). This includes all business rules and associated requirements 
related to the EMR.  

b)    Participate with the application development team(s) for all applications 
to generate test plans and scripts for quality assurance testing and review 
prior to production migration.  

c)     Document requests from users obtained while training and be capable of 
presenting that information to the project manager and technical leader.  
Requirement from requests or defects are to be entered into HP Quality Center 
for tracking and documentation.  

d)    This position will also become involved with application development 
tasks related from the request outlined in C above to include but not limited 

(1)      Creation of a requirements document or defect definition and enter 
that into HP Quality Center

(2)      Review any entry in HP Quality Center and work cooperatively with 
business owners and development team to create the new or modified functionality

(3)     Manage development sign off testing and QA testing prior to production 

(4)     Provide regression testing for applications prior to production release


C.      Consult with the Project Manager to develop a plan for the most 
effective mix of live training and Internet based Training.  Develop and 
implement training plans for future systems related to the overall electronic 
medical record enhancement and replacement systems project as needed. 


D.      Schedule, announce and register training sessions for end users at 
hospital training rooms or individual end user training through the hospital 
administration as needed.    



E.      Learn and develop tools to supplement live classroom instructions. This 
includes, but is not limited to, write and produce web-distributed multimedia 
learning products, products for Flash, Camtasia, and Premiere, speech 
recognition and interactive AV training and OCR and Adobe PDF document 
management and workflow. 


F.      Conduct remote training, as needed, using Internet-based conferencing 
software such as GoToMeeting.


G.     Travel to training sites in New York State and conduct live, hands-on 
training sessions for psychiatric centers staff. This includes, but is not 
limited to, distribution of training materials, security tokens, end user sign 
on assistance, and training session evaluation forms 


H.      Develop and maintain all training related documentation including user 
manuals, schedules, and feedback mechanisms. Ensure that the trainees, training 
materials and training locations are prepared prior to each training session, 
and all materials are delivered there. Coordinate with hospital IT department 
to validate access and installation of appropriate training or application 


I.       Answer questions from users during and after training, consulting with 
CIT staff, and/or Operations staff, as necessary


J.      Gather trainee feedback regarding the training session.


K.      Communicate with management through bi-weekly status reports and 
project plan updates.


L.      Communicate with management in a timely manner on any issues arising 
throughout the training process.


M.     Manage and resolve end user problems reported through the OMH 
Helpdesk/HP OpenView Service Center.


Note:  Electronic Medical Record includes but is not limited to the following 
classes of information:  Admission & Discharge Planning, Clinical Notes, 
Various assessment (nursing, physical, psychiatric, dietary, metabolic) and 
include laboratory, pharmacy, dental and infection control subsystems.



Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Sandeep V

Technical Recruiter

Aim Computer Consulting

 <mailto:sandee...@aim-cc.com> sandee...@aim-cc.com 


 <http://www.aim-cc.com/> www.aim-cc.com  


Note: If your consultant’s resume matches with our requirement, My BDM will 
contact you soon. Thanks for your efforts.  




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