Please let me know if you can get me a perfect suitable consultant for the 
below requirement!!!


Loc:  San Antonio, Texas 
Duration:  1+ year 
Inclusive Rate:  $35.00 hr. C2C 

Job Description: 

A web producer will need the following skills: 

Communication: written and verbal 
Organization/attention to details 
Work well with people 
And the following design skills: 
Information architecture (ability to review requirements, talk with folks and 
map out the user interaction for the application) 
User design acumen (understanding of design principles and ability articulate 
them to others) 

1.        Web Designer / Producer 
Technical Requirements: 
Supplier resources will have the following skills / experience / background: 

•        Bachelor's degree (BA/BS) or equivalent experience in Communication 
•        Two+ years experience in website design. 
•        Experience in graphic design with expertise in website design.   
•        CSS and XHTML experience. 
•        Experience with Microsoft Visio 
•        Experience with the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications 
•        Strong writing skills required 
•        Strong graphics skills desired 
•        Strong computer skills desired 
•        Experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Word or HTML publishing is 
helpful but not necessary 
•        Must be self-motivating and able to work well with a diverse group of 
•        Must be able to handle stress, including short deadlines 
•        Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal 
•        Excellent writing, graphics and computer skills 
•        Experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Word or HTML publishing is 
helpful but not necessary 

Tasks: The following itemized tasks are to be provided by Consultant. 
Deliverable #1: Information Architecture Diagram 
The purpose of this deliverable is to develop the Technical Architecture 
Diagram using generally accepted methodologies.  Further, translate business 
requirements into an information architecture that depicts how a target 
audience uses an application to meet its objectives. 
Deliverable will consist of a Visio diagram that depicts the application 
architecture, its entry points and its relationship to back-end systems. 

Deliverable #2: Interaction Design, Page Prototypes 
The purpose of this deliverable is to translate information architecture and 
business requirements into page designs. 
The pages will be prototyped in paper, Photoshop or XHTML 

Deliverable #3: CSS2 Page Layouts and Developed Images 
The purpose of this deliverable is to apply visual design principles in 
defining page layout, creating images and graphics and implementing visual 
treatments for fonts, background 
The deliverable shall contain styles and page layout as defined in CSS2. 
Graphics and images will be created in standard web formats (gif, jpgs) with 
consideration for file size and display constraints. 

Deliverable #4: Dynamic Prototyping to produce Functional Content Model 
The purpose of this deliverable is to create working prototypes of applications 
for use in validating requirements, testing target audiences and training 
customer support representatives. 
Models will be developed with a combination of XHTML, CSS2, Active Server 
Pages, SQL databases and JavaScript or dynamic HTML as identified in the 
approved design and specifications.   

Deliverable #5 Flash Code 
The purpose of this deliverable is to document the Design, develop and deliver 
Flash code in accordance with approved business requirements and design 
Fully functional Flash code deployable on USAA’s production servers plus 
documentation and source code. 

Deliverable  #6: Other Design Deliverables 
Includes preparatory and other activities such as the following: 
Content inventory; 
Metadata development and application; 
XML development and application. 

Deliverable #7: Conversion Documentation:   Deliverables shall include the 
•        Spreadsheets detailing page inventory and metadata information. 
•        XML files. 

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Sandeep V

Technical Recruiter

Aim Computer Consulting

 <mailto:sandee...@aim-cc.com> sandee...@aim-cc.com 


 <http://www.aim-cc.com/> www.aim-cc.com  


Note: If your consultant’s resume matches with our requirement, My BDM will 
contact you soon. Thanks for your efforts.  





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