Hope you are doing well.

*Java Architect*

*Architect 12+ years*

*Philadelphia, PA*

*Long Term*

Multithreading, Synchronization and Concurrency.

Internals of Java for performance improvements(String pool, connection
pool, immutability, Garbage Collection, heaps)

Collections- Which Collection provides better performance for different
use-cases. Example: When do we use a hashtable and why shouldnt i use a
Linked list for queries.

Experience in profiling tools.

Thank you for documenting the interview, Cary. This should help us on the
future interviews.

>From the below list, the customer is looking only for Core java concepts
and not anything to do with any Spring/Hibernate backend frameworks. The
questions were fairly simple and this should be a piece of cake. I took a
stab at all the questions below

·         Difference between UDP / TCP-

·         What security models have you used with web sessions?

·         Troubleshoot performance issues.  The question, “how do you
troubleshoot performance issues and where are the normal culprits”.
Looking for methodology.  Have you used any tools to help?

·        Detailed difference between REST and SOAP.

·         Asynchronous API-

·         Use Java Collection-

·         Experience with ArrayList, HashTable, HashMap, Linked List.
HashMap and LinkedList and the datatype elements of linkedlist.-

·         What is the data type in the bucket in a hash table?

·         Describe the performance between a linked list vs. hash table.

·         What is a run-time exception, how do you catch this error.  What
does it generate?  What are examples of run-time exception?

Basic programming check (using basic editor without Eclipse)

·         Turn a binary into whole number.

·         Design a relational table for a video producer.  In this case,
there were three tables and then Michelle asked to create a query.

·         View javascript code and say the printout and why?

Did well

·         Difference between string buffer and string filter?-

·         How many bits in a byte?


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