*Role: SharePoint Analyst/Developer  RETAIL EXP MUST *

*Location: 2929 Walker Ave, GR 49544*

Duration: 6 Months


Main Task: Produce a comprehensive picture of the current state of SharePoint
Online detailing

Site Collection and subsites

Global and Current Navigation, as well as page-to-page navigation

Lists/Libraries in each site, including size and freshness of data

Degree of end-user customizations, including SharePoint Designer, injected
Javascript and CSS

Features used that are incompatible with, or deprecated, in SharePoint 2016


Metadata columns

Identify processes supported by the sites for potential workflows

Identify taxonomies buried in folder structures for potential Managed

*Required Skills (must haves) :*

Experienced in SharePoint 2010 site administration

Experience in SharePoint 2013/2016/SPO to know what is possible (and
impossible) to do in SharePoint

Ability to make inferences about current and past business processes and
content management through direct examination of current SharePoint
environment, with little or no access to the business

Excel, Word and Visio skills

Self-planning and self-organizing

Excellent written and verbal communicator

Maintains strict confidentiality

Use of ShareGate reporting tools

Development of scripts and queries to pull data from SharePoint CSOM, REST,
or SQL

Retail and supply chain industry knowledge (Strongly preferred)

Knowledge of PII, PCI and other regulatory rules (Strongly preferred)

*Skill Matrix:*

Total IT: ( )+ Years

Experienced in SharePoint 2010 site administration: ( )+ Years

Experience in SharePoint 2013/2016/SPO: ( )+ Years

Experience with ShareGate reporting tools: ( )+ Years

Experience with scripts and queries to pull data from SharePoint CSOM,
REST, or SQL: ( )+ Years

Retail or Supply chain exp: Yes/No: If yes, list years and clients: ( )+

Knowledge of PII, PCI and other regulatory rules: Yes/No : If yes, list
years, clients or brief description of understanding of these rules : ( )+

Thanks and regards


Sr. Technical Recruiter

Sage Group Consulting Inc

Direct: 732-837-2139

Phone : 732.767.0010 x 312

Email : *jvam...@sagetl.com* <jvam...@sagetl.com>


yahoo: vamshijairecui...@yahoo.com



Linkedin  : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/j-vamshi/a8/b02/b4

Please email me if I miss your call. Or ping me at hangouts or yahoo.

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