<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for 
<b>Software Developer in Downingtown, Pennsylvania</b>, if you have matching 
candidates please submit their profiles <strong><a 
 here</a></strong>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be 
contacted. </p> <p></p><p><strong>Position: Software Developer</strong></p> 
<p><strong>Location: Downingtown, PA</strong></p> <p><strong>Duration: Thru EOY 
+</strong></p> <p>Position Comments: 7+ years in software development</p> 
<p>Languages:</p> <ul>
<li>C/C++ - strong</li>
<li>Java - strong</li>
<li>Python strong</li>
<li>Javascript (NodeJS) – strong</li>
</ul> <p>Experience with:</p> <p>o Video Streaming and transcoding using 
ffmpeg, VLC or live555 etc.</p> <p>o HTML5 based video streaming</p> <p>o Video 
streaming protocols: RTSP, DASH, HLS, </p> <p>o Video codecs e.g. h.264, VP8, 
VP9</p> <p>o Audio codecs e.g. AAC, MP3</p> <p>o IP networking related to video 
streaming</p> <p>o REST services</p> <p>Good communication skills</p> <p>Nice 
to have:</p> <p>o Axis IP video encoder or camera experience 
</p><p><br></p><p><span></span></p><br> <p><br>Get details <strong><a 
 here</a></strong>.</p><br><br><p><strong><a href="http://bit.ly/1sPBNiv";>Sign 
up for Featured C2C Job Alerts Here</a></strong></p><br> <p><a 
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