Please send me your resume across shail...@aim-cc.com ASAP. thank you....

*Need:* *C# Developer*

*Location:* *Princeton, NJ*

*Duration:* *3 mths*

*Rate: $40/hr C2C***

*NOTE: **The CAB experience is the most important. I have seen candidates
who say they have it or are ‘comfortable with it’. I DO NOT WANT THOSE TYPE
OF CANDIDATES. I want someone who has the experience. This is a standard,
heads down coder position, but they will need to be able to speak well.
There are 6 open positions. If you have an extremely strong C# developer
without CAB, I will consider them***

* *


The application is a thick client .NET application that communicates with
web-services residing on a server.  These server side web-services will
participate in distributed messaging with other web-services as well.

Of the following skills, *we need a total of 6 people, at least 1 of which
must be very good in CAB (the more that have experience with CAB the



Application Developer

(most likely filled with multiple people to achieve desired skill sets)

 ·         *Proficient in C# and .NET*

·         Very *production* developer

·         Open to new ideas and grasps concepts quickly

·         Construct both implementation components and classes

·         Strong in unit testing and debugging

·         Able to read *UML* provided by the designer

·         *Proficient in Composite Application Block (CAB) ¿ (at least 1

·         Experience developing applications that use *SQL Server
database*is required

·         Experience with *multi-threaded applications* is a plus

·         Experience with *Microsoft MQ* is a plus

·         Experience in creating *WCF web-services* is a plus

·         Understanding of *WCF, service-oriented architecture, and
component architecture* a plus

The hiring manager is looking for resources that have *3 to 5 years
experience*.  He is not looking for resources that think they know it all
and always have a better way of doing it.  *He is looking for solid
developers that can follow the plan and push out the code*.


Aim Computer Consulting

N. Laurel Park Drive,

Suite #513,

Livonia, MI-48152

Phone:  734-591-3562 Extn.1+161

Fax: 734-418-2598

*shail...@aim-cc.com* <shail...@aim-cc.com>* *

*shailaja_ai...@yahoo.com* <shailaja_ai...@yahoo.com>**

*www.aim-cc.com* <http://www.aim-cc.com/>**

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