> On Dec 20, 2017, at 10:53 AM, Ragnar Sundblad <ra...@csc.kth.se> wrote:
> Just to report back:
> We have tried your (no longer recommended) patch
> https://gerrit.openafs.org/#/c/12796/
> as you pointed out in the thread "getcwd() error for RHEL 7.4 kernel” in the 
> openafs-info list.
> As far as we have seen, this indeed solved our disappearing mount point 
> problems.
> We will of course switch to the new version of the patch (or maybe just 
> 1.8.0) as soon as there is one.

The following fixes have been merged for the getcwd() problem; they should also 
eliminate your disappearing mounts:

master: https://gerrit.openafs.org/#/c/12830/
1.8.x https://gerrit.openafs.org/#/c/12851/     included in 1.8.0-pre4  03 Jan 
1.6.x https://gerrit.openafs.org/#/c/12860/     included in  01 Feb 

Please let us know if you can confirm this at your site.

Mark Vitale
Sine Nomine Associates

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