Dear Christian,

neither a native nor an somehow mounted /home can be directly exported using AFS. The AFS file server stores volumes and corresponding folders and files on its /vicepX partitions in an internal format which does not allow re-exporting local or foreign file systems through afs. Re-exporting AFS volumes from an AFS client machine to other machines via NFS/CIFS works, if you get the kerberos/token setup right. But I'm afraid this is not what you want to do...



Zitat von Voss <>:

Dear experts,

I set up an afs-server this morning, it works well. The initial goal I
had was exporting our /home directory with afs, it is, however, an nfs
file system. Is there any possibility to export these directories using
afs, without changes to the basic structures?

The afs-server is a redhat-6.6 machine, the nfs-server is an
openindiana machine.

Thanks alot,
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