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> On 12.10.16 22:37, Mark Vitale wrote:
>> I don’t need to see all the output, just from label 
>> SRXAFSCB_TellMeAboutYourself to label SRXAFSCB_GetDE. Thanks, — Mark Vitale 
>> Sine Nomine Associates 
> Dear Mark,
> please find the relevant snippet at http://pastebin.com/ua6PzgNT

Thank you, this confirmed my suspicions about the cause.  In addition, I’ve 
installed SolarisStudio 12.5 and I’ve duplicated what you are seeing.  The root 
cause is that the Solaris 12.5 C compiler is now including certain SIMD 
instructions (movdqu, movdqa, movaps) in the kernel module.  These instructions 
are not permitted or supported in Solaris kernel code.  

For OpenAFS, configure option —disable-optimize-kernel has sufficed to prevent 
this in the past, and I believe that is actually the default for Solaris on 
master and 1.6.x  (see gerrit 6671, 6683).   

However, it has been documented since Solaris 12.3 that the compiler option 
-xvector=%none is required when compiling Solaris kernel modules, and this is 
supposed to prevent SIMD instructions in all cases.  Unfortunately, it does NOT 
seem to do that on Studio 12.5.  I’ve tried a number of combinations of 
compiler options but so far I can’t generate an OpenAFS kernel module with 
Studio 12.5 that does not contain illegal kernel instructions.

I will be contacting Oracle for further guidance on this.  Studio 12.5 is still 
in beta.  For now, the only thing I can suggest is to fall back to Studio 12.3 
(known good) or Studio 12.4 (untested by me).

Mark Vitale
Sine Nomine Associates

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