The OpenAFS Guardians are happy to announce the availability of the fifth
prerelease candidate of OpenAFS 1.8.0.
Source files can be accessed via the web at:

or via AFS at:

        UNIX: /afs/
        UNC: \\/afs\\software\openafs\candidate\1.8.0pre5\

The changes since beta 4 include some cleanup of ubik behavior to
avoid transactions that we know will fail, improving the RedHat
packaging, fixing a rare deadlock on old Linux kernel versions,
partially fixing a deadlock on Solaris, improving compatibility with
glibc 2.26, some debugging aids for Solaris clients, improvements to
FreeBSD support, and excluding RXGEN_OPCODE aborts from the
threshold towards throttling misbehaving clients of the fileserver.

This is a release candidate for the final version of 1.8.0.

Please assist the guardians by deploying and testing this release and
providing positive or negative feedback.  Bug reports should be filed
to ; reports of successes should be sent to

Benjamin Kaduk
for the OpenAFS Guardians

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