Hello other OpenAFS users,

I've recently setup a new file server to try and facilitate upgrading our
OpenAFS servers to a newer version of debian (the current stable distro:

The server and db server setup seems to have gone smoothly, but I've got
problems with moving the AFS volumes.

If I try to do a vos move from the old fileserver to the new one, the move
will fail with:

Failed to move data for the volume 536881885

   VOLSER: Problems encountered in doing the dump !

However, if I work on the old file server, or another openafs client system
(in fact, I've got another debian stretch system using the exact same
version the debian openafs-client package) I can move the volume to the new

And I can verify by looking at the /vicepc directory that the file is
there, the vldb says it's there but if I try to move the file back to the
older server working on the new server it will fail with a message that the
volume is not found, something like:

The volume 536881885 is not on the specified site.
The current site is : server newserver.math.uic.edu partition /vicepc

OK ... but that's exactly the arguments I passed to vos as the -fromserver
and -toserver

And, if I switch over to another openafs-client or the old AFS file server
I can issue the vos command to move the volume back just fine.

Anybody have any ideas what's going wrong?


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