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Changes for Build #1788

    Mark <> null
    Fixes issue 34003: Set New Currency process warning needs to be modified

Warning message changed to:

Detected available credit for this business partner.
Changing the Business Partner's currency will not allow you to use available 
credit in the old currency. If you want to convert the available credit in the 
old currency into credit in the new currency automatically, select a G/L Item.

Therefore last sentece has beee removed.

    Alvaro Ferraz <> null
    Related to issue 33887: Code review improvements

- Remove unnecessary parenthesis.
- Add 
 != null check to avoid NPE.

    Mark <> null
    Fixes issue 33887: GLItem accounting dimensions maintained when posting 

In case Payment document has business partner set in payment's header and GL 
Item line is included setting different business partner, then accounting entry 
is generated for line's business partner instead of header's business partner.

Changes for Build #1789
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