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Changes for Build #2521

    Asier Lostalé <> null
    related to issue 32512: temporary disable test case

  The test case that ensures all objects in ad_model_object do implement
  servlet is not valid anymore because SimpleCallout changed their hierarchy.

Last 20 lines of the console output:

[...truncated 39 lines...]
executing script 'Reset repo'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql install.source
DEBUG: Reset repo called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, 
REPO_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql, BUILD_TYPE=install.source, 
0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

executing script 'Autoconfigure'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE "postgres strict-template deploy" /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql
DEBUG: Autoconfigure called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, TEMPLATES=postgres 
strict-template deploy, REPO_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql
Using int-full-pgsql as $JOB_NAME
Using /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql as $SOURCE_PATH

executing script 'Set webapp'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/webapp
DEBUG: Set webapp called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, 
WEBAPP_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/webapp, WEBAPP_NAME=
rm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/tomcat/webapps/try-full-oracle’: Is a directory
Build step 'Execute managed script' marked build as failure
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