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[...truncated 3343 lines...]
Total time: 3 seconds

executing script 'Tomcat stop'
[int-dummy-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
DEBUG: Tomcat stop called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE
 * Stopping Tomcat servlet engine for Openbravo tomcat

executing script 'Check openbravo log'
[int-dummy-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
DEBUG: Check openbravo log called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE
Check log: openbravo log (artifact: int-dummy-pgsql.log) is clean

Recording test results
Archiving artifacts
Checking \] ERROR|\] WARN
Email was triggered for: Fixed
Trigger Success was overridden by another trigger and will not send an email.
Sending email for trigger: Fixed
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