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Changes for Build #2525

    Asier Lostalé <> null
    related to issue 32512, related to issue 32366: exclude callouts from 

  Callous are not executed as Servlets so they needn't be in web.xml. 
  do not extend servlet, so callouts extending it cannot be in web.xml.

Last 20 lines of the console output:

[...truncated 37 lines...]
executing script 'Reset repo'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql install.source
DEBUG: Reset repo called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, 
REPO_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql, BUILD_TYPE=install.source, 
0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

executing script 'Autoconfigure'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE "postgres strict-template deploy" /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql
DEBUG: Autoconfigure called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, TEMPLATES=postgres 
strict-template deploy, REPO_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql
Using int-full-pgsql as $JOB_NAME
Using /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql as $SOURCE_PATH

executing script 'Set webapp'
[int-full-pgsql] $ /bin/bash /tmp/ 
ENABLE /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/webapp
DEBUG: Set webapp called with parameters: ENABLED=ENABLE, 
WEBAPP_PATH=/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/webapp, WEBAPP_NAME=
rm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/tomcat/webapps/try-full-pgsql’: Is a directory
Build step 'Execute managed script' marked build as failure
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