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Changes for Build #2534

    Alvaro Ferraz <> null
    Related to issue 34055: Code review improvements

Set zero valuation in case stock is zero and it does not exist any record in 
Do not sum transaction movementqty, to avoid duplicate stock in case we have 
more than one m_transaction_cost record related to the same transaction.

    Mark <> null
    Fixes issue 34055: Fixed errors in Costing Background due to rounding 

When cost adjustments are created, they should not be taken into account when 
Stock Valuation is initialized because it duplicates the stock amount (caused 
by natural union between tables) inside M_INITIALIZE_STOCK_VALUATION function.

Changes for Build #2535
No changes

Changes for Build #2536
No changes

Last 20 lines of the console output:

[...truncated 1640 lines...]
+ CONTEXT_NAME=int-full-pgsql
++ awk -F = '/^bbdd.rdbms/ {print $2}' 
+ mkdir -p /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/out
+ rm -f /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/out/ob-erp.tgz 
+ echo
+ '[' POSTGRE = ORACLE ']'
+ PGPASSWORD=int_full_pgsql
+ pg_dump -p 5435 -U int_full_pgsql -h -F c -b -f 
/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/out/tad.dmp int_full_pgsql
+ cp /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/lib/int-full-pgsql.war -d 
+ tar czf /srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/SANDBOX/out/ob-erp.tgz 
--exclude=SANDBOX --exclude=.hg --exclude=lib/int-full-pgsql.war -C 
/srv/ci/workspace/int-full-pgsql/../ int-full-pgsql
+ echo

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