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Changes for Build #2372

    Atul Gaware <> null
    Fixes issue 29685: Create AP Expense Invoices process creates wrong line 

Getting line no is used similar that is used to set default value for line
column in Tables and Columns. For eg:- select coalesce(max(line), 0) + 10
Unnecessary variable int line is no more needed so removed.
While executing create AP Expense invoice process there was null pointer
exception raised from AccDefUtility class which is fixed.

    Atul Gaware <> null
    Fixes issue 30242: Description not copied to order in Manage Requisition

While creating order from requisition, requisition header information is
inserted in order header and requisition line descripion is added to
supplier notes as it was used previously to set as order line description.
Length of description in orderline can occupy both supplier notes and
description from requisition line.

Changes for Build #2373

    Carlos Aristu <> null
    fixes issue 33417: ConfigScript with single quotes on install.source fails

Changes for Build #2374

    Alvaro Ferraz <> null
    Related to issue 34055: Remove isunitcost condition

Remove isunitcost condition in M_INITIALIZE_STOCK_VALUATION query.

    Alvaro Ferraz <> null
    Related to issue 34055: Code review improvements

Set zero valuation in case stock is zero and it does not exist any record in 
Do not sum transaction movementqty, to avoid duplicate stock in case we have 
more than one m_transaction_cost record related to the same transaction.

    Mark <> null
    Fixes issue 34055: Fixed errors in Costing Background due to rounding 

When cost adjustments are created, they should not be taken into account when 
Stock Valuation is initialized because it duplicates the stock amount (caused 
by natural union between tables) inside M_INITIALIZE_STOCK_VALUATION function.

    Atul Gaware <> null
    Related to issue 30242:Backout changeset e86c34bf3374

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SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Oct 17 17:05:23 2016

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Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

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SQL> Disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production
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