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Changes for Build #1
No changes

Changes for Build #2

    Carlos Aristu <> null
    fixes bug 37857: Wrong FIC request after selecting hundreds of records

  The MULTIPLE_ROW_IDS parameter contains the ids of the selected records that 
are sent to the FIC. They are used to check if there exists attachments within 
the selection and in that case enable the attachment button of the toolbar or 
display the number of attachments of the current record in case we are in form 

  This information was being sent as part of the request URL in the HTTP header 
which in case of having hundreds of records, the maximum size allowed for the 
request URL was being exceeded.

  To fix this problem, now the MULTIPLE_ROW_IDS parameter is sent within the 
body of the FIC request.

    Víctor Martínez Romanos <> null
    Fixed issue 37827: [ri] Added message to Application Dictionary

    Armaignac <> null
    Fixes issue 37763: Trial Balance Report sometimes returns null pointer 
when include zero figures is checked.

When zero figures is checked the matches accounts are skipped from vector list
causing null entries when the vector values are copied with different sizes

Now the dataZeroFigures size is equal to the vector size to avoid null entries

    Asier Lostalé <> null
    realted to issue 37849: remove system key hash in log files

  Restored ActivationKey.getOpsLogId method as it is public and used

    Asier Lostalé <> null
    fixed issue 37849: remove system key hash in log files

  This hash has been removed as it is not useful and complicates log parsing

Changes for Build #3

    Asier Lostalé <> null
    related to bug 37857: minor optimizations

  * FIC uses multiple ids only for attachemnts, we can initialize it only in 
that case
  * In convertJSONArray use more generic variable name
  * In convertJSONArray we know which will be the array size, so it can be 
    using it

Changes for Build #4

    Mark <> null
    Fixes issue 37823: Sales tax selected in Return To Vendor if the returned 
receipt does not have a purchase order related

A wrong sales tax was selected in Return To Vendor if the returned goods receipt
does not have a purchase order related.

The Tax field has the Tax Id value of the receipt line being copied, in case
that the good receipt line was created from an order then it will have the tax 
used on the order line. But in case the goods receipt line was created 
manually, as
it lines aren't related to any order lines, the tax received will be NULL, so 
it is
needed to get the default Tax to be used in the new generated returned line.

In the case of a Return to Vendor is needed to return the default Purchase Tax 
of the
product. In the case of Return from Customer is neede to use the default Sales 
of the product. It was fixed passing this parameter taking into account the 
order is sales transaction or not.

Last 20 lines of the console output:

[...truncated 2146 lines...]
+ (( i=0 ))
+ (( i<12 ))
++ jps
++ grep Bootstrap
++ true
+ '[' '' = '' ']'
+ break
++ jps
++ grep Bootstrap
++ true
+ '[' '' '!=' '' ']'
+ true
+ '[' 0 '!=' 0 ']'
+ echo

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