Hello devs,

I am using a 3.5G nano starter kit and I have a problem, hopefully someone can give me some advice.

When I use the kit in a location with very little 3G coverage it works great, I scan for 3G networks, the phone sees a network '90170' and can register without any problems. However if I try the same thing in a location that has very good macro 3G coverage from several network operators, the phone can longer see my nano cell.

I assume the problem is due to frequency reuse and the nanocell is using the same UARFCN as one of the macro cells.

Does anyone have any advice on how best to find a clear frequency band to use? Also does anyone know if I have to reboot the ip.access after changing the UARFCN using

set rfParamsCandidateList=({9800, 401, 1})

Alan R Evans
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