On 12.02.2018 16:23, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
thanks for looking at the msc_vlr_tests.c. That 'while (0)' was a curious
artifact indeed :)

I didn't even thought it's a valid C code :)

The reason why I wanted that number output only in verbose mode is, I don't
want to adjust unrelated *.err output when adding a test in any position that
is not the last.

Curious. When would we want to do that? I assumed tests are independent of each other. That's not the case?

2) pass IMSI as param / print the IMSI.

The IMSI used in the tests is (incidentally) the same throughout the tests and
doesn't really need to change in any way. It is but a local variable that
ensures there are no string constant typos within a test function.  It mayybe
could be one or more global string constants, but doesn't make sense as a
parameter passed to each and every test: some tests also (might) use two IMSIs.
Running the same tests with differing IMSIs is not needed, and I don't see a
patch introducing that. What was the idea there to justify the bloat?

The idea is to make IMSI into actual parameter so it would be easy to introduce tests with different edge cases - shorter-than-normal, longer-than-normal IMSI etc. It have not materialized (yet?) though due to way too many hardcoded hex strings in tests.

3) you moved gsm_network creation into a separate function, but that function
is still called only once. So it's just cosmetic, or was there another purpose?

See above.

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