Hi Cyril,

I am currently in the process of modifying osmo-trx to use several components from libosmocore, such as configuration handling through VTY, a CTRL interface and logging system.

This work is mostly done but only the first steps have been merged. The pending patches can be found in [1] and I expect to continue work on them next week.

I also plan to make a new release in a new branch 0.3.0 based on master c92dad32dd403d84617236e98db892d7d285cd35, that is before dependency to libosmocore was added.

As you may have noticed already, in the current state of master you must already pass a .cfg file in order to start osmo-trx. This .cfg file has the same format as all other osmocom related projects. The logging is configured through this cfg file (actually, it's mostly the only thing that the cfg file configures at this point in current master).

In later commits (still not merged), as sample cfg file is added to the repo in doc/examples/osmo-trx*.cfg. In the current master state, you should pass a file containing something like this:

! OsmoHLR example configuration
log stderr
  logging filter all 1
  logging color 1
  logging print category 1
  logging timestamp 1
  logging print extended-timestamp 1
  logging level all debug
line vty

Then, as of now still call osmo-trx the same way you used to do (you can omit the -l param) and add a capital C parameter with the config file:

./osmo-trx ... -C osmo-trx.cfg

[1] https://gerrit.osmocom.org/#/c/6651

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