On Mon, Mar 05, 2018 at 11:15:46PM +0000, Holger Freyther wrote:
> Hey neels, pespin,
> while looking at configuration handling for the MS driver I started to have 
> sone questions about scenarios. I see that we have multiple yaml files and 
> through scenarios can control ciphering, the timeslot configuration, which 
> BTS model to test, and more.
> What would it take to get this abstraction one step further? When I diff the 
> aoio_sms and sms suite the difference is in setup (and then naming of msc vs. 
> nitb)? Wouldn't this be something we can get into the scenario as well? The 
> requirements for this test are two connected and routable subscribers?

My plan was to instead provide convenience "set up the network" functions
to call from the test.

The point is we don't always know what kind of net programs we want to
start, in which order, how. In most cases we do start it up so that it
works, but some tests may want to deliberately omit one component, start
and stop it again, and so forth. So it's for me not a part in the
scenario; the scenario is all about: which hardware and which resources do
we get. The "what do we run" should be completely in the test script.

And about those "shortcut" functions to setup the standard network, we
just never got around to it and went with copy paste for the time being.


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