Hi Domi,

I have attached another trace containing the following:

- Location Update + Authentication of the MS that will send the SMS (packets 
- Sending and receiving an SMS (text: “a5/1”) with encryption set to A5/1 
(packets 46-140)
    - works
- Sending an SMS (text: “a5/3”) with encryption set to A5/3 (packets 141-730)
    - the MS tries to send several times until it gives up. No Ciphering Mode 
Complete is received.
- Switching back to A5/1 and resending the SMS with text "a5/3" (packets 
    - works

I hope that helps.


Attachment: a5_1_3_with_LU_Auth.pcapng
Description: a5_1_3_with_LU_Auth.pcapng

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