Hello Neels,

I'm playing the ball back into your corner now:

I managed to fix the unit tests now. I wrapped the MGCP client FSM API functions mgcp_conn_delete() and mgcp_conn_delete(). The delete just does nothing and lets the GSCON FSM think that everything went fine. The modify just dispatches the GSCON_EV_MGW_MDCX_RESP_BTS signal back to the GSCON fsm and tricks it into thinking that all MGCP operations went well.

I hadd to do a little hacking because the reference pointer to the MGCP
client FSM is unpopulated, but to me this looks ok. I documented the
details of this in the code.

All unit tests now pass fine and I think we are finally there. I have put the current status on pmaier/fsm5. If everything is fine I would squash everything between 4b159cb6f39e7f0516b191575f4420819de3606e
and 8f9d6124c5eb6ae11fea7dd5113c15775d8ecc99 into one commit and give
it one last TTCN3 test run before I would submit it into review tomorrow.

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