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On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 10:17:32AM -0300, Rafael Diniz wrote:
> Does anyone have a working OsmoBsc_Nat with osmux working example? I
> just want to take a look in osmux, so it doesn't matter if it's with old
> NITB-era stack or new split stack.

osmux was originally implemented in osmo-bsc + osmo-bsc_nat for SCCP-Lite

You will need a MSC that implement SCCP-Lite in order to set it up.

The "new" osmo-bsc and osmo-msc implement the much more recent and officially
3GPP specified "AoIP" over M3UA instead of SCCPlite.  While this setup is
working, there is neither a bsc-nat for AoIP yet, nor is Osmux yet fully
integrated into this configuration.

The plan is to be able to have osmux as an alternative to native RTP/IP
between the BSC-colocated OsmoMGW and the MSC-colocated OmsoMGW.  So basically,
OsmoMGW acts as a converter between classic RTP/IP and OSMUX.  In this
case the user plane would be something like

This plan has not been completed yet, but we are actively working
towards it.  During past months, progress has been slow due to the large
number of regressions and other bugs, which prompted our main attention
towards implementing testsuites for the various Osmocom elements to
achive higher overall code quality and to be able to maintain that
quality by continuous automatic testing.

If somebody for some reason wants to have an AoIP bsc-nat, then we would likely
also put an OsmoMGW to it.  This would look like:


But currently there is no strong requirement or clear roadmap on this
particular feature/functionality.

More immediate priorities from current point of view are:
* improve coverage of automatic testing of each Osmocom element
* resolve bugs found by the existing test suites
* automatic testing of dynamic PDCH switching
* automatic testing of intra-BSC hand-over
* support for inter-BSC hand-over on AoIP side in OsmoBSC + OsmoMSC
* support for 3GPP LCLS (local call local switch) in OsmoBSC + OsmoMSC
* support of Osmux in OsmoMGW for BSC and MSC co-located OsmoMGW
* support for 3GGPP IuUP in OsmoMGW (for 2G-to-3G calls and vice-versa)

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