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On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 10:59 AM, Harald Welte <lafo...@gnumonks.org> wrote:

> Hi Antony,
> On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 10:36:06AM +0200, Antony Lemmens wrote:
> > I have read articles about the superframe mechanism but I do not figure
> out
> > how to advertise the CBCH functionality on the BCCH,
> The Osmocom stack should take care of this "automatically" if
> the osmo-bts-trx low-level code gets the required support.
> As you may have seen, CBCH operation is already supported with several
> other
> BTS back-ends inside osmo-bts.  Unfortunately, for osmo-bts-trx nobody has
> been contributing the related code so far.
> > nor how to adapt the scheduler to enable the CB channel.
> This boils down to the tables in osmo-bts/src/scheduler_mframe.c where
> you can e.g. find "static const struct trx_sched_frame frame_bcch[51]"
> which defines the 51-multiframe for the non-combined BCCH and "static
> const struct trx_sched_frame frame_bcch_sdcch4[102]" for the combined
> BCCH, as well as "static const struct trx_sched_frame frame_sdcch8"
> AFAIR, the BCCH can be on a combined BCCH or on a SDCCH/8.  You would
> have to create copies of "frame_bcch_sdcch4" and "frame_sdcch8" and edit
> those copies to confirm with the way how the respective multiframe is
> specified when CBCH is enabled.  As far as I remember from memory, it's
> always the second sub-channel that's replaced with CBCH instead of
> SDCCH.  See the related specs, I think mostly 3GPP TS 45.002
> > Is it someone also interrested in this and/or working on the Bug 1617?
> I'm interested but seriously have no time to work on this.  At sysmocm
> we could work on it as a development project under contract, but we also
> have quite a backlog so it might be best if somebody else works on this.
> > Or is it someone that can me give a track to start the implementation?
> My notes above should help with implementing it.
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