Hi Michael,

unknown IMSIs should in fact be logged in the AUC logging category, like this:

  osmo-hlr.log:20180316135557286 DAUC INFO db_auc.c:98 IMSI='123412341234123': 
No such subscriber


  osmo-hlr.log:20180311013340990 DAUC NOTICE hlr.c:83 123412341234123: IMSI not 

I've found before that sometimes 'logging level all debug' doesn't seem to give
expected results, haven't figured out quite why yet. So maybe try to explicitly 

  logging level auc info

Hope that helps...

So, IMSI should work (but looking for the IMEI is no longer possible at the
moment: in osmo-nitb times, some followed the practice of watching out for a
specific IMEI in the logs, but it is not logged by osmo-hlr nor osmo-msc.)


On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 08:12:33AM +0200, Michael Spahn wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently having some problems in adding new subscribers to OsmoHLR, 
> particularly, in finding the IMSI of the devices.
> From what I gathered from the wiki, the OsmoHLR log is supposed to show the 
> IMSI of any mobile stations trying to connect to my network without being 
> subscribers. However, the log does not show any indication of that 
> whatsoever. 
> I had previously imported an old database from our previous OsmoNITB setup 
> and all devices that had been added as subscribers with SimpleHLR back then 
> were able to connect to the new setup flawlessly, but now I have decided to 
> delete an MS from the database to learn how to add new subscribers but like 
> I’ve said before, I am not able to find the IMSI in any log. 
> These are the logging settings in my OsmoHLR config:
> log stderr
>   logging filter all 1
>   logging color 1
>   logging print category 1
>   logging timestamp 1
>   logging print extended-timestamp 1
>   logging level all debug
>   logging level linp error
> I’d really appreciate if someone could help me out here.
> Kind regards,
> Michael Spahn

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