Hi Ron,

Thanks for your report!

I can try to reproduce the issue, but if you have it available, the
following would be immensely useful:

You've offered the core file as download, but that is of no use without
the exact matching binary. Please instead provide the backtrace like:

  gdb path/to/osmo-bsc core
  > bt

If the failure occurs reliably, you can also run osmo-bsc in gdb

  gdb --args osmo-bsc -c [...]

When the segfault occurs, you'll get a gdb prompt and can do 'bt' to get a
backtrace. If you are reproducing it, a network trace (pcap) of the events
leading up to the failure would also be helpful.

The default compilation should already include the debug symbols, i.e.
CFLAGS containing "-g". Otherwise, the debian feeds also contain packages
with debug symbols included.

Ideally, you would create a new issue on osmocom.org in the OsmoBSC
project and provide the backtrace, pcap and logs as attachments there.
Attaching files to issues is preferable to sending mails with attachments,
since everyone subscribed would receive attached files in their mail
inboxes; we prefer to avoid that, for netiquette.

For creating issues, I will gladly provide permissions to your registered
user. I see Justin Repello and Sonny Lafuente (sharing your email's domain
name) registered at osmocom.org, and just gave those users "Developer"
permissions. Let me know of any other users you would like me to enable.
The enable step is merely to avoid spam, you're more than welcome to join



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