Hi Farah,

What SIM card reader are you using? What does the command lsusb say?
Also check dmesg and syslog for more information. It is almost sure that your 
reader’s driver is not yet or already included in pcsc, so you will need 
peobably change pcsc version to an older or newer release.

Kind regards,

2018. jún. 13. dátummal, 1:22 időpontban Ferdaus, Farah 
<ff1...@wildcats.unh.edu> írta:

> Hi there,
> I have built and installed the requirements for OpenBTS and my USRP (Ettus 
> N210) is responding but now I am stuck at SIM card stage. I am trying to 
> program a Super SIM 16-in-1 using the Insten_USB_SIM_Card_Writer and 
> following the steps mentioned here and  here but unable to write the sim 
> card.  Every time I run the pcsc_scan command it stops working. Below is the 
> output.
> "wslopenbts@wslopenbts-desktop:~$ pcsc_scan
> PC/SC device scanner
> V 1.4.25 (c) 2001-2011, Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rouss...@free.fr>
> Compiled with PC/SC lite version: 1.8.14
> Using reader plug'n play mechanism
> Scanning present readers...
> Waiting for the first reader...^C"
> The problem seems that the PC is not getting the SIM card reader. But the SIM 
> card reader was plugged into the PC while running the command and the LED 
> turned red which indicate it was getting the power from the PC. Do you think, 
> buying another new SIM card reader can resolve the issue? I can test by 
> buying another SIM and SIM card reader; Do any of you have any suggestion for 
> the SIM and SIM card reader, particularly which one will be good? Finally, 
> any guideline for me regarding programming the SIM card. I will be very 
> grateful if you help me by giving suggestions to resolve my issue.
> Can anyone please help me regarding this issue.
> Thanks in advance
> Best Regards,
> Farah

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