Hi Babar,

If you want to use a LimeSDR-mini, you should build latest master, and use osmo-trx-lms binary. To generate that binary, you first need to build and install latest LimeSuite master [1], and then build osmo-trx with --with-lms configure flag. As you are building for raspberry pi3, you may want to enable instruction set optimizations as explained in the user manual section "12 OsmoTRX hardware architecture support" [2]. Have a look at the wiki page too for further information [3].

Also a reminder: we have osmo-trx-lms already available as a debian package for debian9 [4], but I think we don't enable NEON on that build.

[1] https://github.com/myriadrf/LimeSuite
[2] http://ftp.osmocom.org/docs/latest/osmotrx-usermanual.pdf
[3] https://osmocom.org/projects/osmotrx/wiki/OsmoTRX
[4] https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/network:/osmocom:/nightly/Debian_9.0/

On 12/07/18 01:36, Babar Ali wrote:
Hi Harald

Thank very much for your support please, i’ll test & share the results.

Further kindly let me clear one more thing please, can I build osmotrx on RaspbianOS, I have already tried to build osmotrx v0.3 on RasbianOS it was build successfully but when I run osmo-trx —help, it shows only one option that is -C which I can use with osmo-trx, no other options are available, is it cannot be build completely on raspberry pi 3? or what’s gone wrong? any suggestions/comments in this regard please.

Thank you for your support & time please.


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    On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 04:53:54PM +0000, Babar Ali wrote:

     > Anyone has an experience of Setuping 2G Network using NITB &
    LimeSDR Mini, which version of osmotrx is working fine with LimeSDR

    We have seen very good results using the new osmo-trx-lms with

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