Hi there,
I'm really happy to make my LimeSDR working with the master branch, good
job guys!

I'm now trying to enable the multi-arfcn multiplexed over one physical
channel but I do not succeed to have it working (No response from
transceiver for phy0.1 (CMD RXTUNE 894000)).

Do I need to configure or pass some parameters (see further for what I'm

I am starting osmo-bts-trx with "-t 2" option, and here is the extract of
part of my configuration file:

----- osmo-trx-lms.cfg
 multi-arfcn enable
 swap-channels disable
 egprs enable
 tx-sps 4
 rx-sps 4
 chan 0
  tx-path BAND1
  rx-path LNAW

----- osmo-bts-trx.cfg
phy 0
 instance 0
  osmotrx rx-gain 10

phy 0
 instance 1
  osmotrx rx-gain 10

bts 0
 band 900
 trx 0
  phy 0 instance 0
 trx 1
  phy 0 instance 1

----- osmo-bsc.cfg
 bts 0
  type sysmobts
  band GSM900
  trx 0
   arfcn 10
  trx 1
   arfcn 20

Thanks in advance,

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