--- Comment #8 from Roc Vallès Domènech <> ---
Alas, my device is now dead.

I opened it recently for something basic, and it stopped working afterwards; I
have no idea why (did a lot of debugging). I'm paranoid that dumping its bios
with flashrom (which I did before powering off and opening it at all) screwed
the EC up, but I have no idea how to fix that either. Left it without battery
for weeks but it didn't seem to help.

When I have time and the inclination, I will try and really open (not just
HDD/ram/etc trapdoors but whole thing), which is more painful than it should
be, really. When I do, I'll try to locate/remove CMOS battery and such to see
if that gets me anywhere in resurrecting it.

Until them and if it works, I'm not able to test anything.

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