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> Therefore I will try  to sell myself by declaring that I am possibly
> suffering from Obsessive Disorder. While this is having a bad effect on my
> life,

Obsessiveness is only a disorder if you let it be one. Certainly, if you
obsessively smoke cigarettes  and video-game, that will result in unhappy
life outcomes. Equally certainly, the finest software artisans are
obsessive about their work (the highest achievers in any field tend to be
obsessive). It can be controlled and channeled.

Nil asked you to talk more about your interests. There's a menu of
possibilities: if you are interested in bio or genomics, there is an
opencog project to datamine genetic and proteomic data. If you have access
to robotics gear, there could be some utility to provide/improve access to
motors and sensory equipment, (via ROS). If you like pure
mathematics/logic/reasoning, there's perhaps something to be done there, as
well.  There are other possibilities I'm not mentioning. Depends on your
abilities and interests.

Before you get too excited, you might want to make sure that you are able
to download, compile, install all the code and run the unit tests.


cassette tapes - analog TV - film cameras - you

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