Hi Carlos, Omar,

Ubuntu Core 16 went Beta last week so I have been updating some of the old
stuff we did with Ubuntu Core 15 and the original Wedge 40 to Ubuntu Core
16 and the Wedge 100.  If you are needing a title / speaker for next week
it would be:

           "Installing Cross-distro Apps on OpenWRT and the Facebook Wedge
100 - David Duffey, Canonical"

There is a bit more to it that is hard to summarize in a title, in
particular I will show (time permitting)

 * Power Managing and Deploying to Wedge 100 via ONIE and PXE
   * Ability to install network control software like FBOSS, SnapRoute, and
network utilities as apps on Wedge 100

 * Installing apps across distros including OpenWRT, classic Ubuntu, Ubuntu
   (this is taking a single package like a network utility[nmap] or network
service[nextcloud] and installing it on multiple distros)

 * In addition to running apps on OpenWRT (as above) also show OpenWRT
running as a an app on Ubuntu Core

I would need standard power (nothing major, just enough for the Wedge 100,
not planning to bring an Orange Box or OpenStack cluster), and networking.
I can deal with wifi or hardwired, single IP, preferably without a sign-on
page ... but I can deal with most anything would just need a heads up so I
can make sure I have my laptop setup correctly to deal with the
connectivity environment and would be great if I could get in a bit early
to test the network connectivity.



David Duffey
+1-512-850-6776 (work), +1-512-287-4289 (work fax)
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