On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 8:31 AM, Luis l <chel...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> After digging around i THINK its a part of this?
> https://github.com/arthepsy/pan-globalprotect-okta/
> I downloaded it added the totp of that moment, removed pw to prompt me 
> instead of conf and i get the below from debug = 1. My "Guess" if this worked 
> its to be used against the command i sent prior and piped into the 
> openconnect cmd?
> ---
> # status:
> ---
> err: no factor url found


I have a lot of trouble following your explanations here, but… yes,
you need to figure out a way to generate the appropriate cookie and
submit it to openconnect in place of the password, using the new
mechanism that I added in the fun_with_cookies branch, as described on

I don't use Okta, can't use Okta, and know nothing about Okta. I do
not have access to a GP VPN that uses this kind of authentication
flow. So I cannot test the authentication scripts in any way.

All I can do is provide a mechanism for openconnect to accept the
cookie produced by the alternative authentication flows, and rely on
users to tell me if it solves the problem.


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