Hi Juan,

> We have compiled ods (at version 1.4.10) on a RHEL7 and added some numb
> zones for testing but ods-signerd is crashing:
> Sep 16 12:49:38 plat ods-signerd: ObjectFile.cpp(122): The attribute
> does not exist: 0x00000002
> Sep 16 12:49:38 plat kernel: ods-signerd[12271]: segfault at 20 ip
> 000000000043df09 sp 00007ffd825762e0 error 4 in ods-signerd[400000+5c000]
> How  could we do to debug it?

If you can reproduce this I'd start with running the signerd in GDB.

gdb ods-signerd
> run -d
> bt full

That will give you an idea where to look. Send the output to us as well
if you'd like. You may need to build opendnssec with debugging symbols
if you haven't done so already:

make "CFLAGS = -g -O0" install

It might be useful to do something similar to your hsm library if
possible as the log indicates something is off there. (the signerd
doesn't have *.cpp files)


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