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Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of openEHR!
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and Plymouth University are hosting an event where you will learn more about:

 * OpenEHR from a national and international perspective
 * the local perspective, we want to showcase the incredible progress
   made in the South West, as well as exploring what other
   opportunities there might be for SMEs in the OpenEHR environment.



http://go.marand.com/l/149541/2018-04-09/3pdngt/149541/47270/Screen_Shot_2018_04_09_at_09.51.18.png <http://go.marand.com/e/149541/tion-44303805876-aff-ehomecard/3s2q6h/219395182><http://go.marand.com/e/149541/tion-44303805876-aff-ehomecard/3s2q6h/219395182>



OpenEHR, a Worldwide open standard repository for patient clinical data is becoming a REAL alternative to traditionally licensed software for the provision of HIMMS[1] Level 6/7 electronic medical records (EMR’s). University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust will soon be the first NHS Trust to go live with an implementation of OPENeP, an openEHR based, open source solution by Marand for Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA). Fully supported by NHS Digital “Code4Health” and the not-for-profit Apperta Foundation, this innovative approach will, for the first time, provide a platform with true data independence and vendor neutrality. In addition, University of Plymouth is leading on a number of projects in Devon and Cornwall to foster a Digital Health Ecosystem using a bottom up SME led approach. As part of these projects, the University is absolutely committed to embedding open standards and technologies to enable seamless interoperability and integration.









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The event will also provide plenty of networking opportunities.

Warmly welcome!



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